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5 Men’s Health Facts to Know

June is Men’s Health Month in the United States and we want to inform you with men’s health facts to help you (or the men in your life) stay healthy and happy. Knowing more about risks and common health problems can help you to prevent them in your own life.

Men’s Health Facts

1. Higher Risk of Heart Disease Than Women

Each year more men die of heart disease than women. Men are also at a higher risk of getting heart disease than women.

Men’s average age of death from heart disease is under 65. That’s a young age to be suffering from a mostly preventable disease.

2. Shorter Life Span Than Women

One of the more intriguing men’s health facts is that men live almost 4.5 years less than women. The average man’s life expectancy is 76 years old, while a woman’s is 81 years old.

This can be contributed to some aspects such as men generally doing riskier things than women and having a higher smoking rate, which shortens a lifespan.

3. Less Likely to Visit Doctor

Women visit the doctor 100% more often than men do and are more likely to go in for a routine check-up even if they’re feeling well.

Men suffer more from preventable illnesses as a result and their fatality rate may be correlated to the infrequency of visits to the doctor.

4. Depression and Suicide Affect Men Too

men's health facts

Over 6 million men in America suffer from depression. Men do not always get diagnosed when they should because they don’t want to appear weak or simply do not acknowledge that they are depressed.

Depression affects men more than women in the sense that depressed males ages 20-24 are 6 times more likely to commit suicide than women.

Depression and suicide are not light matters and should be taken seriously. If you or someone you know deals with depression and has suicidal thoughts, please talk to someone immediately to receive help.

5. Erectile Dysfunction

Over 30 million men in the U.S. have erectile dysfunction (ED). Men may be uncomfortable talking to their doctor about it, but ED is more common than people think.

If you do suffer from ED and have not yet visited the doctor, it is recommended that you check in with one. ED may be a sign of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or obesity. These medical issues may also lead to heart disease, heart attack, or stroke.

On a lighter note, these men’s health facts do not mean that all men are doomed to be a victim of one of these problems.

Eat well, exercising, and getting enough sleep will accomplish more for your health than you can imagine. From depression, ED, and heart disease taking care of your body can prevent medical problems from beginning or at least alleviate symptoms.

Going to your doctor regularly and being open with him/her can save you from trouble down the road, as uncomfortable as a visit may seem. It’s always worth it to take care of yourself.

Prevention is the easiest way to keep yourself healthy and reduce the risk of future medical issues that arise from poor eating habits or lack of exercise. Seek professional help if you struggle with these so that you can be the healthiest you can be.




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