Steve Brailsford

Steve is the president of KEB Enterprises, which has been creating and selling nutritional supplements since the 1970s. They are vertically integrated from R&D through manufacturing and packaging, all the way through to fulfillment.

KEB brings to Klērpäth L-Arginine Plus. L-arginine Plus was developed based on the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of nitric oxide which is a key signaling molecule the body uses to widen the blood vessels and take pressure off the heart as it pumps blood throughout the body.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Steve is an enthusiast of the great outdoors and physical activity. He finds solace and rejuvenation by the water and in the mountains, often venturing into these landscapes to disconnect from the digital world. An avid scuba diver and cyclist, he regularly commutes 12 miles to work by bike, embracing the physical and mental benefits it provides.

Additionally, Steve harbors the ambition of sailing around the world, a dream he plans to pursue once he masters sailing. His diverse interests and dedication to both his professional and personal life exemplify his dynamic leadership at Klērpäth.

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