Adding Herbs and Spices to Lower Blood Pressure

Experiencing hypertension or simply want to reduce the risk? Learn how adding herbs and spices to lower blood pressure works.

By adding herbs and spices to your dishes, they will not only taste great – you’ll also boost your health. According to a study by Oxford University, you may lower your blood pressure by using herbs and spices. Moreover, the research shows that seasoning foods with 6.6 grams may benefit adults after four weeks.

One of the study co-authors, professor Penny Kris-Etherton, says these findings offer a simple way to improve heart health. “The most surprising finding to me was that the simple addition of herbs and spices to an average Western diet had a blood pressure-lowering effect,” says Kris-Etherton. “In combination with a healthy diet… I would expect quite significant diet-related blood-pressure-lowering effects.”

The Study

Adding Herbs and Spices to Lower Blood PressureAs part of the study, 71 people with heart disease risk factors participated and 70 received the first allocated diet. Furthermore, 89% of randomly assigned participants finished the entire trial.

These participants ate every herbs and spice diet (low, moderate, and high), in random order for 4 weeks each. In addition, researchers drew blood from the participants at the beginning of the study and after each diet period.

According to the study’s press release, “the doses included a blend of 24 different herbs and spices, ranging from basil and thyme to cinnamon and turmeric, designed to simulate the way people use different herbs and spices throughout the day while cooking.”

The results show that the high dose of herbs and spices diet lowered systolic blood pressure more than the others. “To our knowledge, this is the first controlled feeding study to examine the effect of incorporating mixed herbs and spices into a US-style dietary pattern on risk factors for cardiometabolic diseases,” said the study authors. 

Heart Disease and Diet

l-arginine plusThe leading cause of death in the U.S. is heart disease, according to the CDC. Fortunately, there are ways to lower your risk of heart disease, and one of those is through a healthy diet.

You can start by limiting your intake of salt, sugar, saturated fat, alcohol, and processed foods. Instead, use herbs and spices to give your food some flavor and your health some heart health benefits. While previous research on herbs and spices was limited, this research highlights the benefits of using them for your health.

In addition, you can give your heart an extra boost by taking a supplement like L-arginine Plus. Its ingredients can effectively promote your circulation, blood pressure health, cholesterol health, and more. Give your heart health the support it deserves by taking L-arginine Plus and substituting salt for herbs and spices.

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