Best Vitamins for Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the leading factors in heart disease. Here are the best vitamins for blood pressure and overall heart health.

Hypertension (high blood pressure) affects more than 30% of the world’s population. Additionally, it is one of the most significant factors in heart disease that can be changed based on lifestyle habits.

There are multiple ways to decrease the risk of developing high blood pressure or managing it once you have it. These include eating healthy, exercising regularly, avoiding and limiting habits like smoking and drinking, and more.

In addition to these lifestyle practices, you can take certain vitamins and supplements to help lower blood pressure. The following are some of the most effective vitamins (and supplements) when it comes to controlling hypertension.

1. Vitamin D

According to studies, those with hypertension have lower levels of vitamin D than those with normal blood pressure. Some research suggests that vitamin D can even reduce the risk of high blood pressure by ip to 30%.

If you have hypertension, check your vitamin D levels and use supplements to make up a deficiency if necessary.

2. B Vitamins

There are various types of B vitamins that are helpful in reducing blood pressure levels. These include vitamin B2 (riboflavin), folic acid/folate (vitamin B9), and vitamin B6.

Riboflavin is especially helpful in adults with MTHFR gene mutations, conditions that increase the likelihood of hypertension. Furthermore, folate supplements can help protect young adults from developing hypertension later in life.

Best Vitamins for Blood Pressure3. Vitamin C

Some research suggests that vitamin C may help reduce blood pressure levels when taken daily. Additional research also shows that people with vitamin C deficiencies may have a higher risk of developing hypertension.

Vitamin C also serves other important functions, most famously its ability to treat scurvy.

Additional Supplements

Besides vitamins, there are supplements that can help lower blood pressure such as Coenzyme Q10. Commonly referred to as CoQ10, this supplement is a vitamin-like molecule that may help lower blood pressure.

Blood Pressure readings show systolic (top number) and diastolic (bottom number) measurements. Some studies suggest that CoQ10 can significantly reduce systolic blood pressure.

Another supplement that may help is l-arginine, a semi-essential amino acid. Studies show that l-arginine supplementation can significantly improve blood vessel function and circulation.

The Outlook

When it comes to improving your blood pressure, vitamins D, B, and C are particularly effective. Other supplements like CoQ10 and l-arginine also work to improve circulation and lower blood pressure.

By adding some of these vitamins and supplements to your routine, you may help promote your blood pressure health. However, instead of taking various supplements, it’s a good idea to find them all in one convenient package.

L-arginine Plus contains l-arginine, vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin B6, vitamin B9 (folate),  and other key vitamins and minerals. Through this combination, it increases nitric oxide production, resulting in better circulation and lower blood pressure.

Instead of buying various products, try L-arginine Plus and boost your circulation with one powerful supplement.

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