Can Yoga Help Your Blood Pressure?

Regular exercise can improve your blood pressure, but what exercises work best? Can yoga help your blood pressure? Let’s find out.

Yoga is a physical, spiritual, and mental therapy that can provide a variety of health benefits. According to studies, yoga may help alleviate specific symptoms related to high blood pressure (hypertension) and improve quality of life.

The following is an overview of the different scientifically-backed benefits that yoga can have on your blood pressure.

Blood Pressure Benefits

Can Yoga Help Your Blood Pressure?Iyengar yoga is a type of yoga that focuses on detail, precision, and alignment when it comes to yoga postures. In a 2011 study, available in Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, researchers found that this particular form of yoga may help improve 24-hour blood pressure readings. However, the study only included 57 participants, so more studies are necessary to confirm the findings.

Another study in 2016 compared the effects of Hatha yoga with more standard approaches to lowering blood pressure. The 137 participants were divided into three groups: yoga (43 people), healthful living (48), and yoga and healthful living (46).

The yoga group attended yoga sessions and practiced at home, the healthful living group followed a health education and walking program that included nutrition and motivational guidance, and the yoga and healthful living group did both (but could opt out of home yoga).

According to the results, all three approaches were effective at reducing blood pressure. Still, the drops in blood pressure were small. However, the authors note that even small reductions can reduce the risk of dying from heart disease and stroke.

Yoga and Your Health

Yoga is a form of light-intensity aerobic exercise that may help burn calories. Nevertheless, some poses are more strenuous than others, such as Sun Salutation and Surya Namaskar. 

Research suggests that by practicing strenuous poses for at least 10 minutes, 3 times per day may count as moderate or vigorous activity. It may also help those who want to get into the habit of exercising.

In addition to physical fitness, yoga may help as a way to manage your stress, which may help lower your blood pressure to a degree. As you practice yoga, keep in mind that you should never push your body to do a pose. In fact, starting with a qualified instructor can help ensure that you’re doing the poses correctly and safely.

The Outlook

l-arginine plusWhile some research indicates that yoga may help lower blood pressure, more research is necessary. However, you can always pair it with other types of exercises (e.g.: aerobic and strength) to increase their effectiveness.

In addition to exercising, you can give yourself a boost by taking supplements like L-arginine Plus. Its ingredients are effective at promoting circulation, blood pressure, cholesterol, and overall heart health.

If you’re ready to support your blood pressure health, then start practicing yoga along with other exercises and take L-arginine Plus.

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