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Health Numbers Vital You Know

Keeping tabs on your health should be an everyday occurrence. No, you don’t need to go to a doctor each day to see how you’re doing, but being aware of what your body is telling you each day will keep you healthier than those who ignore their body.

There are health numbers vital you know so that you can stay heart healthy and strong. Knowing them helps eliminate any surprises like heart attacks or stroke.

Health Numbers Vital You know

Blood Pressure

Your blood pressure levels will indicate pretty well the overall state of your heart. Being aware of what your reading is can help you lower or maintain a healthy blood pressure.

High blood pressure is caused by plaque buildup along the blood vessel or artery walls from cholesterol or sodium. Lowering blood pressure can be done through a healthy diet, exercise, and supplements containing l-arginine.

You can use the chart below to keep track of your own numbers and check your blood pressure and a local pharmacy for free.

health numbers vital you know

If untaken care of, high blood pressure can lead to heart disease, heart failure, stroke, or diabetes. Talk with your doctor about where you stand and what you can do to have a healthy heart.

Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol is one of the health numbers vital you know because it also strongly indicates your heart health and often reflects on your diet and exercise habits.

There are two types of cholesterol: LDL, which is considered bad or unhealthy, and HDL, which is considered good or healthy.

health numbers vital you know

High levels of LDL can contribute to heart complications and most commonly arises from poor diet choices. However, with better dieting and exercising, HDL levels will rise and LDL will fall.

In order to get your cholesterol levels checked, you will need to visit your doctor and do a blood test. Depending on your results, cholesterol tests only need to be done about every two years.

Knowing your cholesterol levels will help you be more conscientious about what foods you consume and how you treat your body in the future.


This is probably one of the most common numbers that people know. Most people have a scale in their home and weigh themselves at least once a week–which is great!

Keeping an eye on your weight will most likely reduce the chances of high cholesterol or blood pressure. Why? Because if you try to keep a healthy weight, you’ll make healthy life choices by eating right and exercising.

For the most part, living a healthy lifestyle and staying at a healthy weight will not onset heart complications due to high LDL or blood pressure.

Using your weight, you can roughly estimate your BMI (body mass index) which can suggest any possibility of being overweight or obese for your height.

Being overweight or obese can lead to serious health complications, including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, sleep apnea, and bone problems. Knowing your weight will help you keep yourself in line and not let 20 pounds all of a sudden creep on the scale with you.

BMI Calculator Click here

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