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Heart-Healthy Sources of Magnesium

Magnesium is often an underrated and forgotten mineral that is crucial for heart health.

Roughly 80% of Americans have a magnesium deficiency, which can lead to high blood pressure or kidney issues. There are plenty of heart-healthy sources of magnesium to make sure you keep electrolytes going and stay energized.

So, we wanted to share a few of the best heart-healthy sources of magnesium to help readers get more of this key mineral.

5 Heart-Healthy Sources of Magnesium

Leafy Greens

Your mom always told you to eat your greens, and she was right! Leafy greens like spinach and kale are high in magnesium and low in calories, sodium, and sugar.

A cup of cooked spinach contains 157 mg of magnesium or 39% of your daily value. In addition, cooked spinach can be added to dishes like omelets, quiche, or as a side with salmon or chicken.

Kale has less magnesium but is still considered a superfood for all of the other vitamins and minerals it contains. With 100 grams of kale, you’ll get about 50 mg of magnesium–11% of your daily value.

Dark Chocolate

Always a fan favorite to see on the list. Dark chocolate has been shown to decrease blood pressure and is high in antioxidants, which fight free radicals. Also, it makes the perfect little sweet tooth snack.

Dark chocolate is actually one of the most heart health sources of magnesium. In one square, about 29 grams, there is 95 mg of magnesium. 100 grams contains 327 mg of magnesium.

However, as high in magnesium as this delicious treat is, we do not recommend eating 100 grams of dark chocolate solely for magnesium. In fact, just a square of dark chocolate has about 145 calories. You’ll have different problems on your hand if you eat too many sweets.


heart-healthy sources of magnesium

Oatmeal seems to be one of the best all-around heart-healthy sources of magnesium. Not only is it high in magnesium, it helps to lower cholesterol, is low in sodium, and is high in fiber. Also, it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to make.

A cup of cooked oatmeal, or a standard packaged serving, has 58 mg of magnesium. If you want, add some raisins or fresh fruit to it to make it a perfect breakfast.


Rich in potassium as well, bananas make a perfect snack to increase energy levels and stay healthy. They help to lower blood pressure and increase electrolytes.

Good Sources of Potassium

A medium banana contains 33mg of magnesium, which isn’t incredibly substantial. However, the potassium you also receive from it helps to increase electrolytes and lower blood pressure in conjunction with the magnesium.

Bananas are easy for on-the-go snacks, in a smoothie, with peanut butter, or with oatmeal. Also, they’re one of the few fruits that are in season all year long!


Another easy snack or salad topping is almonds. Almonds have about 105 mg in a quarter cup, which is roughly a handful.

These nuts are heart-healthy sources of magnesium because they also have omega-3 fatty acids which help lower blood pressure and cholesterol. They are somewhat high in calories, so it’s recommended to not eat them like popcorn.

Finding heart-healthy sources of magnesium is easier than you may have thought and tastier, too! Making sure you get enough magnesium is critical to sustaining a healthy heart and keeping your muscles and organs functioning as well.

In conclusion, if you have allergies or have a hard time eating enough foods with magnesium, supplements that contain magnesium may be a good option for you.




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