L-Arginine Plus


L-arginine Plus® stands out as the premiere l-arginine supplement available today! By providing 5,110mg of l-arginine with 1,010mg of l-citrulline, no other supplement will boost your nitric oxide levels as effectively as L-arginine Plus!

  • Supports Healthy Blood Pressure
  • Promotes Healthy Cholesterol Levels
  • Improves Blood Flow 
  • Increases Oxygen & Nutrient Delivery
  • Speeds Healing and Recovery

How does L-arginine plus work?


As we age our arteries narrow as nitric oxide production slows and plaque builds on the artery walls. L-arginine Plus increases nitric oxide production with the amino acids L-arginine and L-citrulline. With more nitric oxide, the arteries expand and widen. Because the arteries are more open, the heart is able to pump blood throughout the body without as much pressure. Users see better blood pressure, better blood flow, lower cholesterol, increased energy, and so many other benefits.

How Long Does it Usually Take to See the Benefits of L-arginine?

Results vary for every individual and for your specific health needs when it comes to the l-arginine benefits you might see.

Some individuals using l-arginine as a supplement notice benefits in just a matter of days, while others may need to supplement with l-arginine for a couple of weeks to couple of months before seeing significant l-arginine benefits and results.

In truth, millions of individuals have seen l-arginine improve their health in a variety of ways, however, ongoing research continues to shed light on the true benefits of this powerful amino acid.