Muscle by Klérpäth

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Muscle is designed to maximize performance. It optimizes the body’s natural production of ENERGY, while inhibiting the body’s restrictive processes. The result is the most effective way to energize your workout and push your body beyond anything you have ever experienced.

Prolonged Energy

Stimulants are an artificial energy that causes a crash just as your body starts to burn fat and grow muscle. We utilize the bodies natural energy so that you have constant safe energy for maximum effort. This allows you to do the impossible: Burn fat while building lean muscle!

Because this supplement helps you work harder, you will become stronger. The benefits of increased strength are seen in all aspects of life. Whether your goal is to burn fat, or to gain more muscle, you now have more strength to do it.

Gain Muscle

What good does it do to build muscle, if you can’t see it?!? For years the experts have said that you can’t burn fat and build muscle at the same time. Well, not anymore! Those restrictions are all in your head. We help with the physical FAT burn, and the mental aspects of cutting weight!

If you are tempted to experiment with steroids, forget it! This is a safe alternative with sustainable growth and positive benefits. You can do this, and we are here to help you achieve!