How Does a Desk Job Affect Your Health?

If you have to sit in front of a computer all day, is it bad for you? How does a desk job affect your health? Find out how it’s affecting your health.

If you’re working a desk job, you’re probably used to the long hours, stress, tight deadlines, and sedentary nature of your job. However, these are only some of the ways in which these jobs can impact your health. Keep reading to find out how else your office job is affecting your life.

1. Sitting

Marketing agency office suffering tired employee accusing painful back sitting at desk in workspace.About 86% of U.S. workers spend their workday sitting, and this can cause more than aches and pains – it can increase your risk for diabetes, heart disease, and more life-changing conditions. If you have to sit all day as part of your job, make sure you change positions every eight minutes and move around at least twice an hour.

2. Slouching

In addition to affecting your heart health, sitting all day can lead to slouching. Bad posture can contribute to chronic conditions like arthritis and bursitis.

3. Treadmill Desk

One way to improve your fitness, decrease your risk of heart disease, and lose weight is to get a treadmill desk. However, these desks can often cause you to fall and injure yourself if you’re not careful.

4. Skipping Breakfast

If you’re heading to work first thing in the morning, chances are you’re skipping breakfast, which can put your body in a state of constant stress. Moreover, people who skip breakfast tend to have a higher risk of hypertension, obesity, and more.

5. Fast Food

Leading a busy work life can lead to unhealthy food choices like eating fast food on a recurring basis. As a result, you’re eating more calories and oxidized fat than if you took the time to prep your meals at home.

6. Long Commutes

According to a study from the University School of Medicine in Saint Louis and the Cooper Institute in Dallas, commuting more than 10 miles can increase your risk of high blood sugar and cholesterol. Moreover, it can lead to a higher risk of depression, anxiety, and overall dissatisfaction.

The Outlook

4 Bottles of L-arginine PlusThese are only some of the ways working at a desk job can affect your life. There are several other ways your job may be impacting your life, so it’s important you practice healthy habits as much as possible.

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