How to Increase Blood Flow to Brain

Circulation to the brain is essential for good health. Learn how to increase blood flow to brain with methods you can try at home.

For the brain to function properly, it needs cerebral blood flow (or blood flow to the brain). Circulation transports necessary oxygen, glucose, and multiple nutrients that the brain depends on.

Conversely, poor blood flow to the brain can lead to various physical and mental disorders. To make sure the brain gets the right amount, the body has developed several ways to make sure it gets enough oxygen and blood flow.

However, some conditions affect your overall circulation, which impacts how much blood flows to the brain. If you want to naturally increase blood flow to the brain, follow these lifestyle and diet tips.

Moderate Exercise

According to studies, doing moderate exercises on a recurring basis can increase blood flow to the brain. Moreover, high-intensity workouts may actually decrease cerebral blood flow.

During high-intensity exercises, blood is redistributed throughout the body to decrease body temperature, impacting blood flow to the brain.

increase blood flow to brainCold Water

If you want to increase circulation to the brain, it turns out that exposure to cold water may help. According to research, by temporarily putting either one foot or hand in cold water, you can increase blood flow speed.

In addition, by submerging your face in cold water, you may decrease your heart rate. It can also result in heart and brain blood vessels dilating, non-vital blood vessels constricting, and blood pressure to increase.

Whole Body Vibration

During whole body vibration therapy, you will either stand, sit, or lay down on a machine supported by a vibrating platform. As the vibrations transmit to your body, your muscles contract and relax.

Additionally, it increases peripheral circulation in humans, which may result in more blood flow to the brain.

Caffeine Restriction

Whether it comes in the form of coffee, soda, or other forms, caffeine causes vessels in the brain to constrict. As a result, consuming too much caffeine can affect brain circulation.

While you don’t have to completely give up your coffee or soda habit, you can take periodic breaks to help promote cerebral blood flow.

Foods Rich in Nitrates

According to studies, drinking beet juice can increase nitric oxide, which decreases blood pressure and improves cognitive functions. The reason behind this benefit is its nitrate content, as nitrate-rich foods are especially beneficial for circulation.

In addition to beets, other foods rich in nitrates include celery, carrots, spinach, arugula, and leafy greens in general. Dietary nitrates derived from vegetables can help increase blood flow and improve cognitive performance.

The Outlook

If you want to improve your brain health and increase blood flow to the brain, follow these simple tips. At the heart of them all is the ability to increase blood flow, which results in lower blood pressure and better health.

Additionally, you can try circulation and heart health supplements like L-arginine Plus. They work by increasing nitric oxide production in the body, which relaxes blood vessels and increases circulation.

Try L-arginine Plus along with moderate intensity exercises and these other tips to give your circulation a much needed boost.

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