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Must-Know Facts About Your Heart

When we think about love, emotion, intuition, and health, we think about the heart. Your heart is a remarkable organ that gives you life and needs to be taken care of. Learning these must-know facts about your heart can inspire you to treat it well and keep it healthy.

Must-Know Facts About Your Heart

Size Varies

The average size of hearts varies between male and female. A female’s heart weighs around 8 oz while a man’s is about 10 ounces.

Because females’ hearts are smaller, they have to make up for it to make sure blood is flowing. Women’s hearts beat 8 times more a minute than men’s!

Between male and female, the average healthy heart beats about 100,000 times a day and doesn’t fatigue. Pretty remarkable for such a small mechanism.

The Heart’s Chambers

The heart has four chambers that serve different functions and flow to separate parts of the body.

Right ventricle: Pumps deoxygenated blood to lungs
Left ventricle: Pumps oxygenated to the body
Left atrium: Receives oxygenated blood from lungs and pumps it to the left ventricle
Right atrium: Receives deoxygenated blood to the lungs

If one of these chambers gets blocked, it can lead to a heart attack. This is one of the key must-know facts about your heart because by keeping your blood pressure and cholesterol levels healthy, you can avoid such a risk.

To keep your heart healthier, take L-Arginine Plus each day. It helps to reduce your blood pressure and can keep harmful plaque from building up.

Blood Flow

One of the coolest must-know facts about your heart is that your heart pumps approximately 2,500 gallons of blood each day. That means that each heartbeat is about 2 ounces of blood being pumped.

Your heart knows to pump blood faster when you’re exercising or even in a stressful situation. About 70 trillion cells receive oxygen and blood from your heart. Your heart is the life source to a functioning body.

Heart Failure

Heart failure occurs despite how strong your heart is. Like a car, if it’s not taken care of regularly, it can give out without any hint of warning.

About 735,000 Americans have heart attacks each year. For many, it’s a result of poor dieting, smoking, and/or lack of exercise. However, there are hundreds of healthy people that suddenly have one too.

Because the heart pumps to every part of the body, when there’s a blockage it can also shut down other parts of the body such as the kidneys.

Yes, not everyone dies from a heart attack and your heart can be repaired, but avoiding the risk altogether is a much better option.

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