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Surprising Heart Healthy Activities

Spring is here and summer is on its way! That means that being outside and active just got a lot more appealing. You may not be a hiker or a rock climber, but there are plenty of surprising heart healthy activities that burn calories without you even noticing.

Surprising Heart Healthy Activities

1. Go Dancing

Going out dancing can scorch calories and get your heart rate up. An hour’s worth of dancing can burn more than 200 calories! You won’t even notice that you’re getting healthier because of all the fun you’ll have.

If going out isn’t your thing, turn on some tunes with your spouse, kids, friends, or even alone! Dancing relieves stress and definitely lets your group see a new side of you.

2. Wii Sports

Not everyone is a gamer, but these games are fun and easy to do, no matter your exercise or gaming level. Playing Wii Sports or doing a fitness game with the Wii is one of our favorite surprising heart healthy activities.

You can play with family and friends and make a friendly competition out of it. Before you know it, you’ll be sweating and squeezing in your cardio for the day! Certain games and exercises on Wii have been known to get people fitter and stronger.

3. Gardening

surprising heart healthy activities

Not many people who haven’t gardened before would consider it a strenuous activity. But in reality, gardening is labor-intensive and works your arms, abs, and back.

Gardening also can help you get a good stretch in your knees and elbows as you kneel and dig away at weeds. If you keep at it for at least 30 minutes, you can burn over 100 calories.

The other upside is that you get some good time alone and get to enjoy the sun. Both of those things destress you and lower blood pressure.

4. Wash the Car

Washing the car may be one of the more surprising heart healthy activities but trust us, you won’t want to pay to get your car washed again.

Washing your car may take a bit more time than a drive-thru car wash, but it’s cheaper and fits in some exercise. It’s not easy moving all over, bending down repeatedly to soak your sponge, or dry off an entire vehicle.

You’ll get a full body workout by doing a Saturday chore. Make it more fun by having someone join you. An hour of this hard work will burn over 200 calories. Plus you’ll get an awesome tan.

5. Become an Alley Cat

surprising heart healthy activities

Bowling leagues are an easy way to make friends and make sure you are doing something active during the week. You can also develop a skill that not many people have.

Though you spend a little time sitting in between turns, bowling is an easy way to get exercise in and get heart healthy.

6. Go Shopping

Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend all your money. But strolling around the mall and looking in different stores can help get a good walk in.

You’ll also get an arm workout when you buy goodies and carry them with you the rest of the day! An hour or two of walking is a great way to exercise and burn over 200 calories. Just by doing something you love!





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