Why Use L-Arginine to Boost Nitric Oxide

Various athletes and heart-health-focused people use l-arginine supplements, but why use l-arginine to boost nitric oxide? Find out.

The human body naturally produces nitric oxide (NO), a molecule that serves various aspects of your health. One of its most essential functions is NO’s ability to relax your blood vessels, a process called vasodilation.

As a result, you experience better circulation that allows nutrients, oxygen, and blood to travel to the necessary areas. In contrast, if your body can’t produce NO effectively, it may increase the risk of heart disease, ED, and more. On the bright side, there are a couple of ways to increase your nitric oxide levels – and l-arginine is one.

Nitric Oxide Supplements

You will find multiple dietary supplements that market themselves as “nitric oxide boosters” due to their ingredients. While these formulas don’t contain nitric oxide itself, their ingredients help promote NO production in the body. Out of these supplements, the most common ingredients are two amino acids: l-arginine and l-citrulline.


Why Use L-Arginine to Boost Nitric OxideThe body naturally produces l-arginine (also known as arginine) except in certain cases (injuries, medical conditions, etc.). Through a process called the l-arginine-NO pathway, these supplements can directly produce nitric oxide.

Moreover, various studies show that arginine is effective at increasing circulation and blood flow in certain populations. For example, arginine can be effective at lowering blood pressure in those with high blood pressure (hypertension) and pregnant women.

While it is effective under these circumstances, more research is necessary to confirm arginine’s effect on healthy individuals. L-arginine is generally safe to take, but it may cause side effects in people. For this reason, make sure you talk to your doctor before adding these supplements to your routine.


On the other hand, l-citrulline is another amino acid that helps with NO, but the body makes all you need. Furthermore, when l-arginine converts into nitric oxide, the body produces l-citrulline as a byproduct. 

Afterward, citrulline is recycled back to arginine, which increases the body’s natural nitric oxide production. In addition, studies show that supplementing with citrulline helps increase your arginine levels more than supplementing with arginine itself. Other studies show that citrulline increases blood flood, improves workout performance, and lowers blood pressure.

The Outlook

l-arginine plusDue to its function as a vasodilator, nitric oxide serves as an essential part of your overall health. By taking arginine and citrulline supplements, you can help your body improve its blood flow, oxygen, and nutrient delivery.

Since both of these supplements help increase nitric oxide, then why not take a supplement that combines them? L-arginine Plus uses arginine and citrulline as its two main ingredients, with a healthy backup of vitamins and minerals.

Give your health and nitric oxide production the support they deserve and take L-arginine Plus.

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